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Use for: QR CODE Business Cards, Signs / Banners, Door-hangers, Postcards, T-shirts, Cufflinks, Tattoo's, Decal's Promo. Items & Much More.....!  See Step by Step Instructions at the bottom of the page..

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How to the Qr Code Generator & place the Qr Code on your product

  1. Select where you would like your qr code to be directed

  2. Enter information and click confirm. Next, choose colors and look of your new qr code

  3. click Generate when finished. Then, SAVE the Qr Code to desktop

  4. click the Start button below and choose a product and design. Click below to see product list

  5. upload the new QR Code to your product by selecting ADD IMAGE and select the saved qr code

  6. when your finished designing your product it will come to us for approval. We will send you an confirmation email once approved!

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