1. URBAN      

These are  examples of  different campaigns you can create to market your business. You do not need to do too much, simply create a QR Code that markets your message or webpage and place anywhere. We offer custom stencils and decals. Contact for pricing.


  • Wall Street

  • Sidewalk

  • Corner Lamp

2. Celebrations

Another way to share any memorial ocassion is with photos, Cakes or creative greeting cards that your friends or guests will never forget. You can use QR CODES in any celebration or event. Accesories like Cupcakes, Cake, Invitations, Party Hats, Greeting Cards, Ballons, Banners, Pin, are many manners to use QR Code. We offer custom invitations right now for a LOW price of $50.


  • Special Ocassion Card

  • Cookies for Guess

  • Cake

  • Christmas Card

  • Cup Cake for Meetings

3. Business

Right now, is the most important time to be communicating with innovative ideas. That's why you need to be using QR Codes in all of your business materials like Business Cards, Letterheads, Flyers, Stamp, Labels, Tags, Signs, Banners, etc. It is a very convienent and accessible way to connect your customers to your business. $99 for 1000 Custom business cards.

  • qr code business cards buy today! Custom business cards sale with qrcode.

    Custom Business Cards $99

  • qr code real estate signs on sale from qr code home. Custom signs with designs and graphics and free qr code.

    Real Estate Signs $29.99

  • All Weather Decals $10

  • QrCode Stamps

  • Fliers/Brochures $199